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History of the Lodge - The Centenary Story

Post War until 1968

The immediate post war period was one of steady progress within the Lodge.  During the Mastership of Worshipful Brother Frank Lewsey Kendall we took note of the election of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire as Most Worshipful the Grand Master, and of Right Worshipful the Earl of Scarborough as Deputy Grand Master.  This was in 1947.

Our present Secretary [1968], Worshipful Brother Frank Herbert Brooshooft became Master in 1948, and it fell to him to offer thanks of the Lodge to Worshipful Brother William Thomas Morrell for kindly acting as Secretary during the illness of Worshipful Brother Board.  This same year our By-Laws were again amended, the most important changes being the raising of the fee for Initiation to 15 guineas, and the annual subscription raised to 2 guineas.  The next year Worshipful Brother Turnpenny succeeded Worshipful Brother Philip Theodore Hart as Charity Representative, an appointment he held until our Centenary.

For many years Ladies' Nights were all but unheard of in this Lodge, but during his year Worshipful Brother Brooshooft promoted one, a very successful one too, making a profit which he handed over to augment our contribution to the 1950 Festival.  This Festival produced £185,121 from the Province of Kent and we were not ashamed of our modest contribution - £1,155 plus £52.10.0 from the Chapter.

By 1950 two new Lodges - 'Snargate' and 'Pharos' had been consecrated and we made suitable gifts to both of them.  Since then two further Lodges have been added, 'Dover Castle' and 'Septem', bringing the number of Lodges meeting in Dover to seven.  It was in this year that Worshipful Brother Atkinson, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, attended to present to Worshipful Brother Board the Lodge's gift commemorating his 50th year in Masonry.

The Craft in General and the Province of Kent in particular suffered a grievous loss in the passing of Worshipful Brother Blay, who had been our deputy Provincial Grand Master for some years and was greatly beloved.  The Lodge paid tribute to his memory in 1951.

At the 1952 Installation (Brother Alfred Henry Gunn) we saluted Worshipful Brother Traynor, VC of 2195 for the first time as a Grand Lodge Officer.  During this year we lost Worshipful Brothers Herbert Richard Geddes and Arthur Samuel Horrex, two well-known Past Masters, as well as our Provincial Grand Secretary, Worshipful Brother F. Ryan.  Our Secretary, Worshipful Brother Board, resigned in 1953 after 15 years as Secretary and was thanked by the Lodge.   He had served us in many capacities.  He was succeeded by Worshipful Brother Brooshooft.  The following year we lost our Treasurer, Worshipful Brother Alfred Thomas Miller, who had occupied the office for 31 years.   He was succeeded by Worshipful Brother Alfred Henry Gunn.

At our May meeting in 1953 during the Mastership of Worshipful Brother William Arthur John Nowers, Worshipful Brother Langley was saluted on his first appearance as a Grand Lodge Officer, and was presented with his regalia, the gift of Corinthian and Pharos Lodges.  A deputation from Pharos was present and the Master, Worshipful Brother A.S. Lewis addressed the brethren.  Worshipful Brother Langley expressed his warm thanks and gave a short lecture to the Lodge on 'Masonic Exposures' old and new.  This year (1954) we congratulated Worshipful Brother Leslie Barnett Prince, PM on his appointment as High Sheriff of the City of London and the Lodge further marked the year by unanimously electing our well beloved Brother, Worshipful Brother Fred Conner, as an honorary member.  Before the year ended we had lost two more well beloved Past Masters in the persons of Worshipful Brothers Alfred James Gunn and William Edwin Giraud.

In 1955 when Worshipful Brother Keith Wright occupied the Chair, the Lodge congratulated Worshipful Brother Turnpenny on his elevation to Grand Lodge rank - a well deserved honour.  He had served the Lodge as an officer for 25 years and incidentally, 12 years later was still serving it by which time he was promoted to the rank of Past Grand Deacon.

Installation in 1956 saw an important break from 'Corinthian' custom.  The Installing Master was no longer to be expected to carry out the whole ceremony, but could be assisted by brethren for the presentation of the working tools and for the delivery of the addresses.  Worshipful Brother Lewis installed Worshipful Brother 'Tony' Woollaston as Master under the new arrangement.