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How to become a Freemason

Misconception about Membership

There is a widely held belief that to become a Freemason you must be invited to join a Lodge: this is not strictly true.  Although prospective candidates are sometimes invited to join, by far and away the most common method of becoming a Freemason is by asking to become one.

Who do I ask?

In your family, circle of friends, or colleagues at work, there is quite possibly someone you already know who is a Freemason.  Contact him privately and tell him that you're interested in joining a Lodge.  He will be pleased that you have spoken to him and will advise you on how to proceed.  You can tell him you've seen this website and that you're are interested in joining the Corinthian Lodge, that is of course if you live in Dover.

If you don't know anyone who is a Freemason then you may contact our Lodge secretary via the Contact Form.   He may be able to introduce you to someone at your workplace who is a member of the Lodge.  Alternatively, he can arranged an informal meeting where you can meet some Lodge members and have the chance to ask questions about membership.